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There are a mountain of digital products and online marketing tools, which are available on the interwebs. It can be quite a challenging feat to navigate through all the noise to get to the digital products, courses and tools, which will actually work and can help you and your brand grow. This is were Sass Avenue comes in! We provide in-depth reviews of what is available in the market and provide affiliate marketing recommendation and bonuses through out network.


Sass Avenue works with a network of successful digital marketers and coaches to provide the best offers to digital products and courses, which we believe in.

We are also developing our very own digital products in the near future, so come a long with us for the fun journey and let's grow our digital brand and businesses together.


Sass Avenue was founded in 2010 by Jenn Vo with the focus of sourcing and developing digital products and online marketing tools.


Jenn has managed numerous businesses across different industries. With a background in IT, marketing and retail, her professionalism and quality of work remains at a high standard no matter where business takes a turn. However, professionalism doesn't have to equate to boring. Just a little bit of sass and laughter to everything makes the journey to success and that much more enjoyable.


Her motto to life is to have a bit of humour and sass to everything that she does.

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